How to Change Name in BGMI and PUBG mobile Free without ID card?

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Change Name in PUBG mobile Free | In mobile gaming world, the PUBG Mobile is the most popular game across the world. In Every country their are millions of users are active on PUBG and playing the Game on their Mobile and also in India is the most popular game and India is the leading active users in PUBG compare to other countries.

In PUBG you need to set a Profile ID name when you First time Install and open the Game. If your name was not perfect and want to change it. So you are in right place, here in this post we are sharing with you How you Change PUBG ID name with or without Rename ID Card. So read the below post full to know the solution.

Change Name in PUBG mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is the best battle royal game among all the other Battle royal games like Call of Duty. PUBG is available in PC, Mobile and emulator version for game lovers.

Look if you want change the name in PUBG then you need to have a ID Rename Card, you can get it from shop section where you need to purchase the card with 180UC and also in Lavel 10 you will get a Free ID Card. So by using this cards you can easily change the name. Below we have added step by steps guide, so follow the guide.

How to Change Name in PUBG mobile without ID card?

Sorry, there is no way to change your PUBG profile name with ID Rename card. You must need to have one ID card to change your name. Below we have added some useful way to Rename PUBG Id with ID Card, so checkout and change your name.

How to get Rename card in PUBG Free ?

The name changing process in PUBG mobile was very easy, you can do it without our guide or below steps. But if you have any doubt then follow our below given simple steps change it easily.

1. To change your name, You need to have a PUBG name card

2. You can get a Name card Free from PUBG for First time name change

(You need to reach Level 10 And collect the reward)

3. Now go to Inventory and you will see a name card over there

4. Now Click on Card and Use

5. Now Enter any Stylish, Cool PUBG Name (What you want to set)

6. Click on Save and complete it

That’s it! You have successfully change your PUBG ID name for Free.

How to Get another Rename Card in PUBG mobile ?

After using Your Free Rename card you need to Purchase a Id Rename card from Shop section in PUBG Mobile. Follow the below guide to do so.

1. First of all, You need to add 180UC to your PUBG Account with your Debit/Credit card or other mode

2. After adding UC, Now to Shop section and Click on Treasure option

3. Now Find the Rename Card & Click on it

4. Now Buy the Card with 180UC

5. Now Use the and Change your PUBG Id name

6. That’s it!


Here we above discuss all the possible way to Change PUBG Profile name using ID card. In this guide we have shared one Free way and an another paid way to change ID name. This process is very simple and if you follow our guide then you can do so in very easily with just onetime try.

Hope you guys liked this article and find it helpful if yes then please share this post with your PUBG squads and friends and also if you facing any problem on changing your name then Feel free to Comment below, we loved to help you.