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Biden’s Upcoming Trip to Michigan in Support of Auto Workers’ Strike, One Day Ahead of Trump

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Washington/Toledo, Ohio, Sept 22 (The Street Press) – President Biden is going to Michigan on Tuesday to stand by the United Auto Workers’ strike against Detroit car companies. This puts him right in the middle of the argument between his labor allies and big car makers.

Biden, who is a Democrat, believes strongly in supporting labor unions. His visit to Michigan, coming just before former President Donald Trump’s visit, is a clear way for him to show his support for union workers’ right to strike and negotiate together.

On Friday, President Biden shared on X, the social media platform (formerly known as Twitter), that he plans to visit Michigan on Tuesday. He expressed his intention to join the picket line and support the UAW members in their quest for a fair share of the value they’ve contributed to. The President emphasized the need for an agreement that benefits both sides, ensuring the continued success of American auto manufacturing and the creation of well-paying UAW jobs.

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Biden is seeking re-election in 2024 and is expected to go up against Trump, who is currently leading the pack for the Republican presidential nomination.

On Friday, the UAW extended an invitation to President Biden to visit their striking workers on the picket lines. They also announced plans to expand their strike from Detroit to parts distribution centers nationwide at General Motors and Stellantis, which is Chrysler’s parent company. Meanwhile, they noted that there has been significant progress in their talks with Ford Motor.

Many unions have already given their support to Biden’s re-election campaign, but as of now, the UAW has not yet endorsed him. Biden has expressed that he believes the automakers should take additional steps to ensure that their record corporate profits translate into significant contracts for the UAW. This echoes the sentiments expressed by union leaders.

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Both the Detroit Three automakers and the UAW have significant interests tied to federal policy decisions. The automakers are relying on Washington for substantial subsidies to support their electric vehicle production efforts. They are also engaged in negotiations with the Biden administration regarding future emissions regulations that mandate a swift and potentially costly transition to electric vehicles, a move that the industry views as challenging.

On the other hand, the UAW is worried about the shift to electric vehicles potentially leading to job losses because EVs typically require fewer parts during production compared to traditional vehicles.

Trump is scheduled to visit Detroit with the aim of speaking at a rally that’s being promoted to auto workers. His goal is to regain the support of blue-collar voters who switched their allegiance to Biden during his 2020 victory. Trump has advocated for rank-and-file union workers to disregard the guidance of their union leaders.

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