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Eminem Requests Republican Ramaswamy to Refrain from Using His Music in Presidential Campaign

Rapper Eminem asks Republican Ramaswamy to stop using his music in campaign. Ramaswamy agrees. He faces opposition in GOP primary debate. Trump skips debate for Tucker Carlson interview on X.

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Washington, Aug 28 (The Street Press) – American rapper Eminem has told Vivek Ramaswamy, a Republican candidate running for president and a wealthy former biotech executive, that he doesn’t want his music played during the campaign. This came to light through a letter that was revealed on Monday.

In a letter dated August 23, which was initially reported by the Daily Mail, BMI, a group that manages the rights for performances, informed Ramaswamy’s campaign that Eminem’s music will no longer be allowed for use in Ramaswamy’s campaign, as requested by the rapper.

In the letter, BMI states that Marshall B. Mathers III, also known as Eminem, has expressed his concern about the use of his musical creations (referred to as the “Eminem Works”) in the Vivek Ramaswamy campaign. Eminem has requested that BMI remove all of his works from the agreement, according to the letter.

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Ramaswamy’s campaign informed CNN that they will follow the request and cease using Eminem’s music.Ramaswamy, who lacks political background and is a businessman, has been gaining popularity in certain polls. He has characterized his competitors as being under the influence of financial interests.

During last week’s initial Republican primary debate, the 38-year-old tech entrepreneur, Ramaswamy, played a central role in several intense moments. Known for his strong support of former President Donald Trump, Ramaswamy was targeted by his more seasoned opponents. Surprisingly, they seemed to see him as a more significant contender than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has consistently held a distant second place to Trump in the Republican primary polls.

Trump, who maintains a strong lead in the primary race, chose not to participate in the initial debate last week. Instead, he opted for an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, which was published on X (formerly known as Twitter) concurrently with the Republican debate.

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