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Nvidia Expands India AI Investment with Agreements with Reliance and Tata

Nvidia's AI partnerships in India open doors to AI-driven innovations, supercomputing, and data insights across major industries.

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Bengaluru, Sept 8 (The Street Press) – On Friday, American chip company Nvidia revealed exciting news. They’ve teamed up with Indian giants Reliance Industries and Tata Group to work on creating cloud infrastructure, language models, and cool generative applications using AI.

These partnerships with two of India’s biggest business groups will allow the American chip company to expand its presence in India’s growing AI ecosystem. This comes at a crucial time as Nvidia encounters challenges in exporting chips to China and other countries due to U.S. restrictions.

This week, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang had a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to explore India’s AI potential. This discussion happened right before the G20 meeting in New Delhi, where notable figures like U.S. President Joe Biden are participating.

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As for the collaboration with Reliance, Nvidia will supply the necessary computing power for constructing a cloud-based AI infrastructure platform. Meanwhile, Reliance’s subsidiary, Jio, will be responsible for managing and maintaining the infrastructure and taking care of customer interactions.

According to Nvidia, Reliance has ambitious plans. They aim to develop AI applications and services tailored for their vast customer base of 450 million Jio telecom users. Additionally, they plan to offer energy-efficient AI infrastructure to support scientists, developers, and startups all over India.

Moreover, Tata Consultancy Services, India’s top software services provider, will utilize Nvidia’s partnership to create and operate generative AI applications and even construct a supercomputer, as stated by both companies in an official statement. Furthermore, TCS intends to enhance the skills of its extensive workforce of 600,000 employees by leveraging this collaboration.

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Furthermore, this partnership will serve as a catalyst for AI-driven advancements within Tata Group, spanning diverse sectors from manufacturing to consumer-oriented businesses, as mentioned in the statement.

It’s worth noting that Nvidia holds a dominant position globally in supplying the computing systems that drive services like ChatGPT, OpenAI’s renowned generative AI chatbot. These AI systems, known as large language models, have the ability to receive text prompts and generate human-like responses, making them incredibly versatile and impactful.

Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman of Reliance and Asia’s wealthiest individual, has emphasized the importance of establishing robust digital infrastructure in India capable of handling the substantial computational requirements of AI.

As part of this collaboration, Reliance will gain access to Nvidia’s cutting-edge Grace Hopper Superchip, specialized AI chips designed for efficient AI inference tasks that power applications like ChatGPT.

Reliance has stated that this new AI infrastructure will accelerate various critical AI initiatives in India, spanning areas such as chatbots, drug discovery, and climate research.

Neil Shah, a partner at Counterpoint Research, stressed the significance of Jio’s AI initiative. He mentioned that this move is pivotal for Jio in harnessing the vast amount of data it possesses from millions of users. By doing so, Jio can transform itself into a technology company that offers a wide range of services beyond telecommunications.

Shah further explained that this AI infrastructure will empower Jio to offer precise recommendations and effectively promote products and services across its extensive network of clients in retail, telecom, and the financial sector.

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