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Continuing Threat of COVID-19 Variants Challenges Our Pandemic Response

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Mar 15 ( The Street Press) – More than 350 million COVID-19 shots have been given all around the world. Even though there have been some problems in public health during the pandemic, this is still the biggest vaccine campaign ever. In the United States, they’ve given over 100 million of these shots, and they had their best day on March 13th, giving almost 5 million shots in one day.

Variants are still posing a threat to the progress we’ve made in overcoming the pandemic

Around the world, the daily count of new COVID-19 cases has leveled off after a hopeful drop. Yet, some health experts are cautioning about a possible new surge, driven by variant strains of the virus that can spread faster and infect more aggressively.

Consider Brazil, currently one of the hardest-hit countries, which recently saw a heartbreaking surge in daily deaths. Fueled by the rapid-spreading P1 variant and exacerbated by the poor handling of the pandemic by a COVID-denialist president on the far-right, this ongoing wave shows no signs of stopping. Public health experts are increasingly worried that it could strain an already stretched healthcare system to its breaking point.

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There is still hope. Even though the current vaccines may be somewhat less effective against variants like P1, it’s important to remember that they still seem to prevent almost all severe cases of the illness. Moreover, scientists believe they can swiftly develop updated vaccines and boosters for such variants if necessary.

There is no evidence indicating that the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine causes blood clots

Last week, there was a concerning development with the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. Reports emerged of people who had recently been vaccinated experiencing blood clots, which can be very serious because they increase the risk of stroke, heart attack, or organ damage due to reduced blood flow. While most countries using this vaccine continued as usual, a few European nations paused the use of specific vaccine batches. Some, like Denmark, Norway, and Thailand, took even more cautious measures by temporarily stopping their entire vaccine programs to ensure the safety of the shots.

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