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Germany to Acquire NATO’s Second-Largest Helicopter Fleet Following Chinook Purchase, Affirms Air Force Chief

Germany's Air Force Chief, Ingo Gerhartz, confirmed the acquisition of 60 Chinook helicopters from Boeing for around 8 billion euros. The Holzdorf/Schoenewalde site will house nearly 50 Chinooks and 1,000 soldiers, playing a crucial security role in the region.

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Berlin, Aug 11 (The Street Press) – German Air Force Chief Ingo Gerhartz stated on Friday that Germany is set to possess NATO’s second-largest helicopter fleet through its acquisition of 60 Chinooks, as announced last month.

In a report from last month, Reuters disclosed that Germany is set to purchase 60 Chinook helicopters from Boeing (BA.N) in a comprehensive deal amounting to approximately 8 billion euros ($8.7 billion), encompassing essential aircraft infrastructure.

According to statements attributed to Gerhartz by RND media network, he mentioned, “We will be the second largest helicopter nation in NATO after the USA”.

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Close to 50 Chinook helicopters are slated to be based at the Holzdorf/Schoenewalde location in eastern Germany, along with the deployment of an additional 1,000 soldiers, as highlighted by Gerhartz.

He emphasized, “The Schoenewalde site will play a unique key role for the Air Force, the entire Bundeswehr and Germany’s security.”

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