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Israeli President Calls on Leaders to Seize the Opportunity to Resolve Judicial Crisis

Israel's President Herzog Urges Netanyahu and Rivals to Find Solution to Judicial Crisis Before Key Court Hearing.

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Jerusalem, Sept 5 (The Street Press) – In a significant move, President Isaac Herzog of Israel has called upon Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his political opponents to come together and resolve the ongoing judicial crisis. This plea comes as a crucial court hearing looms just one week away.

President Herzog revealed on Monday that he has been engaged in discussions with both coalition and opposition leaders in recent weeks. These efforts represent a renewed commitment to forge comprehensive agreements aimed at preventing a constitutional crisis and ensuring the preservation of democracy following months of protests.

In a recent address, Herzog emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating, ‘During a crisis like this, there are pivotal moments when leaders must grasp the exceptional chance to forge an agreement. This is one of those moments. Enough is enough. I urge our leaders to act responsibly.’

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Herzog’s call precedes a historic event in Israeli judicial history, as the Supreme Court is set to convene its complete 15-judge panel on September 12th. They will be hearing an appeal against a constitutional amendment, a move unprecedented in Israel, that limits the court’s own authority. This amendment was passed in July by Prime Minister Netanyahu’s coalition government.

Netanyahu’s nationalist-religious coalition initiated a campaign in January with the intent of reforming Israel’s justice system. This move triggered extraordinary protests, inflicted damage on the economy, and raised concerns about the state of Israeli democracy.

Subsequently, Netanyahu has announced the abandonment of certain elements from the initial plan. He now expresses his intention to pursue a comprehensive agreement on any forthcoming judicial reforms. His stated goal is to reestablish a balance between the various branches of government.

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In a video message shared by his Likud party, Netanyahu extended an invitation to one of the opposition leaders, former defense minister Benny Gantz, to engage in direct negotiations, emphasizing the potential for reaching agreements.

However, on Monday, Likud refuted claims in Israeli media suggesting that Netanyahu had agreed to dilute the July 24th law, which restricted certain Supreme Court authorities concerning the executive branch. They also denied any plans to freeze additional judicial legislation for 18 months or reverse alterations to the committee responsible for selecting judges.

In a speech to his party on Tuesday, Gantz acknowledged some of the leaked details regarding the proposals, placing the responsibility on Netanyahu to navigate challenges from hardliners within his coalition who are advocating for the reform.

Justice Minister Yariv Levin, a key advocate for the judicial overhaul, referred to the reports as “trial balloons” in an interview with Army Radio. He expressed the view that it would be inappropriate for the Supreme Court to interfere in matters related to judicial legislation.

This month, the Supreme Court is scheduled to review a series of appeals brought forward by lawmakers and watchdog organizations. These appeals seek to challenge certain judicial measures implemented by the government.

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