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Visit by Blinken Marred by Lethal Market Attack in Ukraine

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Kyiv, Sep 6 (The Street Press) – A Russian attack on a city in eastern Ukraine killed at least 16 people. This event took the spotlight on Wednesday, as U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited to show support for Kyiv’s efforts to push back against Russia’s invasion.

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy strongly criticized the attack that struck Kostiantynivka, hitting a market, shops, and a pharmacy near the battlefield. He expressed sorrow that the victims included a child among the confirmed 16 or more fatalities, and numerous people suffered injuries.

Zelenskiy stated that they must defeat the Russian aggression as quickly as possible.

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During his two-day visit, Blinken is set to reveal a substantial U.S. assistance package exceeding $1 billion for the war effort, as per a senior State Department official.

As the first senior U.S. official to visit Kyiv since the counteroffensive began in early June, Biden held discussions with Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba and was scheduled to meet with President Zelenskiy.

Standing alongside Kuleba, Blinken stated that they aimed to ensure that Ukraine received the necessary support, not only for immediate success in the counteroffensive but also for the long term, to establish a robust deterrent capability.

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According to reports in U.S. media, unnamed U.S. officials have claimed that the Ukrainian counteroffensive is not progressing quickly enough and faces challenges due to ineffective tactics. This criticism has upset Ukrainian officials, leading Kuleba to respond by telling those critics to “shut up.”

Ukraine has successfully recaptured over a dozen villages and small settlements in its offensive. However, their advancement into territory held by Russia has encountered obstacles like minefields and trenches.

U.S. officials have refrained from publicly criticizing Ukraine’s military tactics. In fact, just last week, they acknowledged observing progress in the southeast.

The State Department official mentioned that Washington’s intention was to have discussions about the status of the counteroffensive, evaluate the requirements on the battlefield, and consider any necessary measures to bolster Ukraine’s energy security before the winter season.

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Sk Sahiluddin
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